Absolute Flawless White

The purest white.

Absolute Flawless White: a pure marble coming from Asia which brings with itself crystalline drawings and subtle grain. Suitable for internal building, this material could be used for many residential styles. Suitable also fro external buildings thanks to its hardness and waterproofness.

Data Sheet

Test Test Values
Loss of Ignition 43.7
Silica 0.22
Alumina 0.02
Iron Oxide 0.02
Lime 55.5
Magnesia 0.27
Titania Nil
Soda Less than 0.01
Potash Less than 0.01
Calcium Carbonate 99.07
Mash Hardness 3
Water Absorption less than 0.1
Bulk Specific Gravity 2.71
Compresive Strength Dry - 559 Wet - 480

Service Quality

We work on details


Making use of struments at the forefront, blocks are extracted from the cave. Once arrived in the building site, the are submit to the sawing process, in which the are divided into many sheets, from which the finish product will be obtained.


After the blocks's sawing process, we select the product accurately in order to have a great range of high-quality products, removing sheets in excess or imperfections.


After the sawing process and sheet's selection, we select accurately many sheets of tiles, according to the client's request. So the product will be selected, enumerated and packaged, ready to be sent and assembled directly all over the world.

Timely delivery

For the most demanding requests

Thanks to the supply of 15 monthly containers, three stocks monthly furnished and because of the family live in the cave 20 days a month, we can supply your most demanding requests in the minor time.