Here is the obstacle that stands between you and have a white floor.

If you want to have a white floor, you need to read every word of this article.

Dear white lover,
There comes a moment in the life of each of white lover one wonders “how can I have in my home a very white floor?”

And that’s the day that you decide to change your floors and commit yourself to select the best material for a very white floors.

You probably have bought a lot of books on the subject. You’ll even contacted your interior designer of confidence.

The point is that the main obstacle that stands between you and having the white floors is that you didn’t take it seriously.

Oh sure, through the manuals and guides you will come to know most of what there is to know about this.

But no book will ever tell you that there are a really white material, perfect for your floors:

It’s our Bianco Assoluto Impeccabile.
A fine marble of which we are the only ones authorized reseller in Italy.


  • A marble without any veins or intrusion
  • A pure marble from staining

Imagine also how you will feel when finally you’ll walk barefoot on your new white floor.
Imagine also tell it to your friends and leave them speechless.

If you want ,you can do much more than imagine.

For further information about our Bianco Assoluto Impeccabile, send an email to

White mable: 7 + 1 uses for your home

White mable is certainly widely used in the construction of buildings but there are many other ways to use it in the interiors of private homes.

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How can you transform your home in no time from a completely unpretentious house to a very luxurious dwelling.

Marble floor will give style and elegance to any environment but for that extra something that makes the difference you will choose the right marble.

Always consider the hues and shades.

You are encouraged to experiment with the different styles until you find one which best suits your pattern of work. Black marble or dark is perfect for furnishing large spaces, especially those in the Baroque or Classical style.

White marble instead will fit very well in most modern homes, perhaps combined with innovative materials such as glass or steel. Another point to consider is the color and style of furniture.

If you have the classic dark wood furniture or in warm shades you can combine it with a light marble in shades of beige.

If you have design elements in a modern style, you can choose a white marble or marbles much more daring, like red or green.

So will be in stark contrast with the furniture around.

Want you discover how many fantasies for your home we have included in the catalog of marbles this year?

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